Who we are

Danny Calvagna (Libra ) - lead vocals/percussion
Favorite color: Orange Sunshine
Favorite food: Moon Pies
Favorite cheese: Tom Jones
Favorite movie: Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Last book read: Willard And His Bowling Trophies
Turn-ons: Nude meditation
Turn-offs: Plastic people

Tony Tallarico (Leo ) - keyboards
Favorite color: Polka Dot
Favorite food: Edible
Favorite cheese: Yellow
Favorite movies: Elf, What About Bob?, It's a Mad, Mad World
Turn-ons: Faucets, light switches, garage door openers
Turn-offs: Consistent tardiness with a dash of selfishness
Quote: People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

Linda Mackley (Aries ) - drums/vocals
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Pizza with a mountain of cheeze
Favorite cheese: Cream Cheese with Chives and Lox
Favorite movie: Napoleon Dynamite
Turn-ons: Sunsets & Exotic Places
Turn-offs: Littering

Michael Barberich (Virgo ) - guitars/vocals
Favorite color: Mauve
Favorite food: Drinkable beef
Favorite cheese: Tasmania Highland Chevre Log
Favorite movies: Team America: World Police, This is Spinal Tap
Last book read: Einstein's Theory of Relativity for Dummies
Turn-ons: Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy
Turn-offs: Friends don't let friends play out of tune
Michael likes to get two wheels off the ground around the curves.

Michael Hack (Libra ) - keyboards/guitars/vocals
Favorite color: Paisley
Favorite food: Sushi, no... Mexican, no... Italian, no... BBQ...
Favorite cheese: Port wine cheddar nut log
Favorite movie: The Outlaw Josey Wales
Turn-ons: Good food and good beer
Turn-offs: Ugly (on the inside) people
Motto: Fish and visitors stink after three days.

Simon Michael Walsh (Taurus ) - bass/vocals
Favorite color: Mellow yellow
Favorite food: Whatever came with that nice pint of Guinness
Favorite cheese: I dunno.  That stuff with the holes?
Turn-ons: Complicated puzzles and uncomplicated relationships
Turn-offs: Empty beersteins, mean bartenders
Favorite '70s memory: family trips in a bright orange 1968 Mercury Montego MX
Simon plays the low parts and sings the high parts.  Weird, huh?
45rpm's musicians' many playing and recording credits include:
Cheap Trick, Steve Vai, Steve Howe (Yes, Asia), Phoebe Snow, Rod Morgenstein (The Dregs, Winger), Herman's Hermits featuring Peter Noone, Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult, Jordan Rudess (The Dregs, Dream Theater), Roy Wood (The Move, Electric Light Orchestra, Wizzard), Greg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Maynard Ferguson, Santana, Ringo Starr), Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Maynard Ferguson, Ringo Starr, Julian Lennon), Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues), Gary Brooker (Procol Harum), Ian McDonald (King Crimson, Foreigner), Maynard Ferguson, Jim Steinman (Meatloaf), Barnaby Bye, Harpy, Stanton Anderson Band, Gene Cornish, Jim Small Band, Ed Gagliardi (Foreigner), Joe Satriani, Pops Rizzo...

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